I give you the best tips to keep your Facebook account from being hacked

The menace of personal Facebook account hack is continuously on the rise, there is no end in sight.

This has caused untold pain and immeasurable loss to numerous Facebook users.

Unsurprisingly, glimpsing through Google search algorithm, the phrase “Facebook account hacked” drives in thousands of search monthly.

This issue brings many unanswered questions beforehand;

Why would anyone want to hack my Facebook account?

If my Facebook account gets hacked, how does it negatively affect me?

Can I prevent my Facebook account from being hacked?

The questions are numerous but the right and ultimately concise answers totally unequal the queries.

You might have had the impression that your Facebook account being hacked is totally light weight and nothing to worry about, sorry to break it to you but it is quite a heavy weight.

The 450 pounds kind of weight. You stand a chance of being highly compromised, your conversations, contacts and confidential information shared on Facebook.


You stand a risky chance of being blackmailed by the hacker, making totally uncomfortable demands from you.

Facebook is the singular most used social media platform on earth 13 (our planet), I wonder if krypton and other planets inhabited by super beings get to worry about similar hack issues.

It’s quite tiring, our information are being used by hackers under the guise of being “us” to scam people.

You know how it affects you? Because the victims won’t know it isn’t you.

They won’t have the slightest clue that your Facebook account has been hacked, why is that?

Because the hackers have gotten hold of the confidential conversations you had with those people, they execute their scam antics by exploiting the data mined on your account.

For instance, if I previously had a conversation about some sets of lingerie with a friend on Facebook, when a message comes from my account asking her to credit my account with some money to get her lingerie, show wouldn’t suspect any malicious activity.

We had already talked about lingerie earlier, there wouldn’t be any need to doubt the genuineness of my account.

She would instantly credit the hackers account with the conviction that it’s me.

The negatives are endless but be rest assured that today, your problems are solved.

Let’s get to the real deal, below are seven (7) strong tips to avoid your Facebook account being hacked.

  • Enable Incognito Browsing
  • Sign out after each session
  • Don’t save your login details in your browser
  • Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact when you notice you’ve been locked out
  • Activate Two-factor authentication
  • Get alert about Unrecognized logins
  • Enable encrypted notification emails

Enable Incognito Browsing

Incognito means private, this is a feature in every internet browser which can be enable to have a private web surfing.

Most times we search about things quite personal, with this feature you rest assured that no browsing history will be saved to your device.

All the activities are cleared immediately you close the webpage. This help us secure our Facebook account from being hacked by people who can easily have access to our devices.

Often at work we use our PCs to stay connected to our social media platforms, this largely due to the free Wi-Fi access.

We close the browser and think that the session has been closed automatically without realizing that we are at risk as the next user can easily access our browsing history.

If you really want to prevent your Facebook account from being hacked, be sure to use the incognito feature in web browsers.

The screenshots below shows where and how to enable incognito browsing in some of the most popular web browsers.

google chrome browser
google chrome browser
uc web browser
uc web browser
microsoft edge browser
microsoft edge browser

Be assured that this feature isn’t limited to the web browsers pictured above, if yours isn’t in the list, be free to ask for help in the comment section.

Sign Out After Each Session

Each time you login to your Facebook account, your login details are saved. You are advised to logout after each Facebook session to avoid your account being hacked.

Anyone that have access to your devices can easily login and change your password, thereby locking you out of the account permanently.

When you logout, Facebook requires you to input your login details each time you want to access your account.

It is considered an important security measure to log yourself out of your Facebook account to prevent malicious entries and activities that can result in your account being hacked.

Below is an image to show you how to logout of Facebook. click on the option Log out as shown in the image below.facebook-account-hacked

Don’t Save Your Login Detail In Your Browser

When you access your Facebook account through your web browser, you get the option to save your login details to browser for easy access next time.

The option is a great one if your Facebook account being hacked isn’t anything to worries you. You want my advice? Don’t choose to save your login details.

That option is incorporated into web browser to enable ease and help you in case of forgotten passwords.

But the help they are trying to offer you doesn’t equal the loss you could suffer if you lost your device and your account is comprised. So I’ll say Thanks but no Thanks.

If you are like most people, that have really private and confidential conversations on Facebook that they wouldn’t even want their left to get to see, you wouldn’t want to go through the risk of your Facebook account being hacked. I can feel you nodding your head in affirmation. We all got our secrets you know.

This particular option shows when you try to login to your through any web browser, always click “don’t save”.

Below is an image to show you how to remove your details if you have earlier saved it.

Do not click the save login information option in the screen below to avoid saving your login details.

If you already did save it, click remove account as seen in the image below to remove your login details.facebook-account-hacked

Choose 3 to 5 Friends To Contact When You Notice You’ve Been Locked Out

I can assure you that you aren’t the only one worried about the increasing incessant hack issues, Facebook is worried also, Mark Zuckerberg is really worried.

Atleast they’ve shown that worries through series of security features being incorporated into the social media giant.

Who can tell, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook account might have been hacked to have prompted the necessary swift action to ensuring total prevention of this menace.

Facebook now gives you the option to select three (3) to five (5) trusted friends to contact when you notice you’ve been locked out of your account.

When you try accessing your account and notice that your account is currently being used, trigger the Friends contact option.

Navigate to settings then choose security and login, scroll in the option dashboard till you see choose friends to contact if you are locked out, click edit beside the option, then you get to choose your trusted friends.

Check images below on how to activate this option.



Activate Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is an option that allows you choose between getting verification code via text for Facebook account authentication and using a Facebook authentication app which you can download from your app store.

It is quite impressive to see the unrelenting measures and effort being undertaken by Facebook management to prevent our private data from being compromised.

After the Facebook data leak scandal that got them to pay about $5billion in damages, this is the least they can do actually.

This option is a great security measure that I personally applaud, if you want something hassle free

I’d advise you choose the text verification but the choice all boils down to you anyways. Choose any that suites you, I assure you the both options are quite safe. The won’t be any data leak this time that would help trump win the next election, no way that is happening.

Go to settings, then security and login, scroll down the pane till you see use two-factor authentication, then click edit, a new tab opens that shows add extra security with two-factor authentication, click the get started button below, then finally a new tab opens that shows you the two-factor options, choose a security method; “Authentication app or Text message.

The images below show you in depth on how to activate this option. These measures are quite necessary to prevent your Facebook account from being hacked.facebook-account-hacked


Get Alerts About Unrecognized Logins

Often I get alerts from Facebook when I login through new and unrecognized web devices.

Facebook has no way of being sure it’s you trying to login or currently using the account.

The measure they’ve taken to conquer this stronghold is to send you an alert immediately they sense your account being accessed from an unknown device.

This option helps you to easily take measure if you aren’t the one currently accessing your Facebook account.

This is quite easy to activate, navigate to settings, then security and login, scroll down in the security option till you see setting up extra security, click on get alerts about unrecognized logins.

The image below gives a better description of how this option works.facebook-hacked

Enable Encrypted Notification Emails

There’s a new security option on Facebook called the encrypted PGP. PGP means Pretty Good Privacy, it is an encryption program that provides cryptographic privacy and authentication for data communication.

PGP is used for signing, encrypting and decrypting texts, emails, files, directories, and whole disk partitions and to increase the security of email communication.

I know what you thinking, this is too much for you to process, I can hardly process it myself. But truth be told, it is way easier that it sounds.

This options allow you set some characters as an encryption code, after setting this characters all email from Facebook comes as an encrypted email which wouldn’t be understood by anyone.

Only with the private characters that you set can the emails be decrypted. If you ask me, I think this is super cool.

It’s a high protocol FBI, CIA, MI6 kind of security level, if you want to work for any of the secret agents or you probably dream of playing the role of the next 007, I’d advise you explore this option.

But remember one very important thing, I never assured you that it would land you the role or get you recruited at MI6. Be sure not to tell anyone I told you so.

Enabling this option is quite like the preceding steps. Go to setting, security and login, scroll downward till you see advanced, which is like the last option on the screen. Click encrypted notification email, then enter your openPGP public key and click save changes button below.

Checkout the image below for better understanding.openPGP

Yes! Yes! Yeees!….

You’ve done it. You just saved the world from aliens, now you can sleep without worries of your Facebook account being hacked. 

Your number one (1) social media platform has been successfully secured

I just struck a golden knife through the heart of all Facebook hackers.

Thanks for reading through, I hope you find this helpful. Kindly leave a comment below and share to friends and family for better security for their Facebook accounts.


Top 7 Ways To Prevent Your Facebook Account From Being Hacked
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