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Social media marketing tips to rapidly enhance the growth of your business.

The best social media for your business might be the least in popularity.

But does the level of fame equals the level of potential leads, conversions and sales? Quite no.

Knowing to utilize what works best for the growth and potential success of your business, saves you a great deal of effort and time, that would’ve been wasted chasing the wind.

Constant peer pressures, inspiring success stories and the ever increasing media hype has made quite made it clear to the 21st century business owners that an online presence isn’t just a piece of the jigsaw but the whole jigsaw.

A lot of businesses have grown, thrived and still thriving before and after the takeover by social media. Social media isn’t what grows the business,

It’s a platform that widens your reach to enable you tell your story to a larger audience, how you tell it, is what actually make or break your business.

The biggest social usage blunder that most businesses make is, leaping into social media marketing with no thought out plan or clue of what to do with it. Use this social media marketing tips as a build up to launching your campaign.

With myriads of opportunities on the social space, there is a possibility that you get lucky, in most cases this kind of unplanned approach will lead to a huge waste of time and poor results.

Then the whole story gets tragic. To avoid this happening to you, take out time and totally walk with me through this social media marketing guide.


Decide a platform to work with

I’d like to offer an important advice to my readers. Once, I was trying so hard to market a startup I had started, on social media.

The approach I took which I thought would’ve been the best to enable wider reach, actually enable no reach at all.

After I launched my startup, an online resume design and a temp recruitment company, I instantly signed up to all of the most popular social media platforms out there.

I had a fan page on Facebook, an official company twitter account, a LinkedIn account for the business, an instagram account and I pinned images from my site to pinterest.

It was overwhelming. How was I supposed to keep up with five (5) social media sites?

My business was so small I couldn’t outsource social media management to any company, neither could I afford employing anyone.  I was bootstrapping.

I felt lost. Initially, it was intriguing, I had fun posting updates on multiple social media sites.

I felt like a star. You know that feeling when you start to imagine what it would feel like when your social media followers gets to a million.

That feeling was but an unrealistic and vain day dream that couldn’t outlive a hot coal freshly brought out of the fire. The success story was that brief.

No hard feelings on my part. But the truth is that I couldn’t keep up. Where the weakness comes from is the thought. Thinking of researching enough quality content for each platform.

It isn’t just exhausting, it’s a time waste. You can only have little impact, your attention is divided and most important of all, you are not able to dedicate enough time to the most important aspect of your business.

You end up losing both sides. I personally advise you, from my experience to stick to one or two core social media sites as a starter with minimal resources.

Big companies have the resources to get swiftly ahead into every potentially beneficial social media site, but you aren’t a big company.

Trying what big companies are doing without enough resources to invest like the big guys will only break your business.

There’s a unique beauty in being small, explore and exploit that. intensively execute each of the social media marketing tips in this guide.

Have a clearly defined goal

What are your goals of wanting to start a social media marketing campaign? To increase traffic to your website, amass social media followings, create a brand and product awareness and market your services to a particular audience segment.

Whichever the goal is, just be sure to have a well thought out goal that precedes the campaign.

When setting your goals, be realistic and set attainable goals.

Although all goals are attainable, it helps to understand early enough that some goals require deeper pockets to enable its realization.

For instance, I’m starting an instagram marketing campaign for this website, the goal is to be able to reach ten thousand audience in three months, with a possibility of 40% conversion to loyal customers.

This goal doesn’t seem ridiculous, in fact most of you would think I aim too low but that isn’t true.

When you set attainable goals, it avails you the time to take on other tasks that is vital to the overall success of your business.

If you don’t believe me, try setting some ridiculously high goals, your whole campaign ends up a mediocre.

Carryout a research on audience needs to shape your content strategy

What kind of products or services are you trying to evangelize? First perform an intensive research on what segment of the social media users wants your offerings.

Continue the research to ascertain what triggers their engagement to contents online. Use those triggers as a benchmark to shape your content strategy.

For instance, I only engage with funny and inspiring contents on social media.

If you are trying to sell a product or service to me, if your content doesn’t trigger my engagement, I wouldn’t take the time to look at what your brand is offering.

If you really want your band to go viral on social media, stop creating contents around your brand awareness and create contents that resonate with the audience.

I’ll state an instance, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, fully overwhelmed by numerous sponsored ads.

None triggered my engagement, then I saw an awareness on diabetes, because I knew it would be really helpful to people, I liked, followed and shared the post.

When I checked the profile of the brand, alas it was a web development company. I didn’t feel deceived, I continued liking their posts. Why is that?

Because they weren’t trying to force their business on me. They seemed a socially responsible business to me with less profit priority and more selfless oriented.

That might not be true of the brand, the business might be owned by greedy folks all about profit making but at least they didn’t make that obvious.

“It’s not what you feel, it’s what the audience feel”. Give them a reason to feel you care about them and you already got yourself voluntary brand evangelists.

This should come along as top of the list social media marketing tips for you.

“Green Mark” your social media plans ahead.

The word “Green Mark” definitely sounds strange to you, I know because I made it up. I’m trying to be my own “Socrates”.

Create a social media content schedule and green mark (tick it) it as you proceed.

Consistently creating high quality contents is quite difficult but there isn’t any compromise to that, you either do it or slowly lose your audience.

A company’s social media presence that appears dormant gives people the impression that they’ve probably gone out of business.

Have a content creation calendar. How often do you intend to post updates on your social media? I would advise daily though.

A content schedule calendar (CSC) would help in detailing your content creation plans for months.

Loosen up and be social

Unlike the 20th century where traditional marketing platforms like Televisions and newspapers reigned supreme, the world has outgrown that.

Now people want some dialogue with the brand they patronize. They want to ask questions, lay complaints and inquire about offerings.

People no longer want to just sit down in front of their screens and watch what you show them without being able to create personal communication with your brand.

To affirm this fact, most brands have social media presence where they update their customers on the happenings around their brand.

It gets better than that, they’ve also integrated instant messaging platforms to their brands to enable them answer customers queries easily and seamlessly.

This are social attitudes. Knowing fully well that your audience aren’t just listening but eager to respond, you must learn not to talk at people but to talk with people.

Brands that communicate with people have higher conversions than brands that continuously market their services.

Humanize your brand

People go to social media to create connection and communication with other people. Try to be less of a brand and more of a person.

Let your audience know that it’s people with emotions like them behind the brand hype and outlook.

Dive into trending topics, talk about your nation, air your opinion about the government and its policies, a lot of people will relate to that.

It creates more trust for your brand and leads to more loyal customers and social media soldiers.

As humans, it is considered normal to instantly connect with people that identify with our views, we see them as allies.

It works the same for brands, you stand to get dedicated customers. But be clearly warned, never post anytime about your personal life, like love interests.

That’s going beyond the line. In trying to be human, always remember that you are also a business brand not totally an individual. Try to maintain a fine line.

This is just but a few of social media marketing tips, we would continuously update our contents to keep up to date.

Thanks for reading, if you find this post helpful kindly share and leave a comment.

Social Media Marketing Tips: How To Make Your Business Viral
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