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Social media generally excites every one of us for various reasons. Instant communication with friends and families,

sharing personal photos and the happenings in our lives, nothing beats that moment when we see the validations on our photos through likes given by our fan base.

But whatever reason has got you glued to that particular social media platform, we can’t deny the fact that its influence has infinitely cut across borders and broken down walls.

It has become a mall for its users and unofficial store for others, all the sellers need, to start recording sales is stocking their products on the shelves.

Today, the platform once dedicated to reuniting old friendship and encouraging new acquaintance has become a trade center where regular folks like us could practically approach anybody in our social space to personally market our business.

It is possible to go to any social media platform and interact with others by talking about your business and what you sell or promote.

On social media, you can let everyone know what your brand stands for, its values, the benefits and convenience you offer and why they should trust you.

The subtle art of creating brand awareness and promotion on social media is popularly called social media marketing.

Smart businesses have keyed into this tremendously successful social industry to keep their brands and products light miles away from their competitors.

Analyzed data from researches conducted have shown that business with great social following and activeness tends to own the vast market share in their own industries.

Why? Because it’s the digital age, the world has become a global community and people have consistently and continuously shown preference of their online community membership to the physical community.

With the persistent mass inflow of people to the social space, there has never been a better time to market your businesses with little overhead and greater ROI (Return on investment).

Unlike traditional marketing where you have to consistently ink your pen on your checkbook to get the word out,

Social media marketing ensures instant engagement with potential customers,

From the reaction of the audience to your posts on this platforms, you instantly get to know the quota of your audience that loves your product.

This instant result helps you better project your product offerings to the section of people that have shown interest in your offering.

Sounds easy right?

Yes it is really easy but can be tricky. There are certain strategies you’ll need to instantiate to enable your social post a wider reach.

In this post, I wish to delightfully walk you through how to make social media work for you and the various platforms most pertinent to the achievement of your social media marketing goals.

The real definition of social media can be looked at from two strong perspective, its meaning to a social user and a social marketer.


Personally before I started social media marketing, the social space has always been a place where I turn to for new acquaintance, fun sights and

Hookup with pretty ladies, I mean there are lots of 10s on instagram.

Sometimes I get glued to certain profiles and am like “How can someone be this hot”. I know most of you can relate.

To me as a social user, it’s a platform strictly for fun and my viewing pleasures, consuming its offerings with the desire of attaining maximum utility.

I chat people across borders and oceans on Facebook, I join a popular hashtag on twitter, I watch lots of skits and fun videos on instagram and I pin exciting photos on pinterest.

In a nutshell, what drives a social user to any social media platforms is his/her desire to be entertained.


A social marketer is a random social media user who happens to have found a goldmine in the surge of the platforms’ use.

Realizing the level of traffic all the social sites accrue daily, I realized that there isn’t any better mall to market my services than this social space.

It cut across cities, states, countries. My brand awareness has the potential to reach residents of USA, UK, NEW ZEALAND, CANADA, PANAMA etc.

Without having to pay a high flight ticket to these countries.

I could stay in the comfort of my mini-flat apartment and send out a tweet and get likes and retweets from folks from various nations of the world.

I don’t need to pay TV stations to advertise my product and I could still earn more sales than someone or a brand who has spent heavily on traditional advertising.

All I needed do is create innovating and captivating social media posts to captivate my audience and then create awareness within them about my brand.

With all those social users flocking in for fun feeds and posts, I realized that by serving their needs

I could get them to create a strong emotional attachment to my brand, from there sales starts.


social media marketing

So you just got a very great idea that you know is going to leave the universe dazzled in awe of surprise, Congratulations!

You’ve gotten a great team to bring the idea to live, by creating it into a formidable product with the potential of being a major competitive threat to fortune 500 companies. I say to you kudos.

Then what next? Your awesome product is ready but we the target audience don’t even know something as awesome as that exists.

How do we buy products we don’t know exists?

Now it has dawned on you that the idea wasn’t the most important part of the whole process, neither is the design.

The most important piece of the jigsaw is getting people to see the awesomeness of your creation and then parting with their money to buy this product.

Without proper marketing, no one will see what you sell or offer. To create awareness among people about your products and services, you need to incorporate and intensive and extensive marketing campaign.

Unarguably, it is often challenging to get seen online. Even with the best product, if your marketing isn’t appropriate, you won’t suffice.

After intensive study on social media marketing, I have discovered the numerous reasons why it has become so important.

Why social media marketing is important for your business:

  • Easy to reach
  • A popular search choice
  • Distinct offerings
  • Enables interactivity
  • Never ending evolution

Social media has dominated the online universe for over a decade now. Today, folks like us and corporate entities are signing up to an extensive varieties of platforms to highlight our offerings.

Truth be told, we all sell. Whether it be tangible products or services.

Writing this post for your consumption is me trying to sell my ideas of social media marketing to you.

It might not look obvious that am trying to sell, I am definitely not asking for money from you to access my work.

But the fact that I need you to read my posts, is selling my ideas to you with the hope that you pay me with loyalty to my brand/blog.

Easy to reach

With ever ambitious technological evolutions, social media sites can be accessed through most smart devices. From smartphones, computers and even the likes of smart TVs and modern gaming consoles.

The number of social media services that are available on these devices has been expending in volume as well.

Marketing through social media is bringing your products to your audience at their comfort and leisure.

It is really easy to reach your audience because they can access their social platforms from anywhere and anytime. There isn’t any restriction whatsoever.

With your marketing efforts, you can ensure you’ll be on varieties of sites to make it easier to be spotted.

Popular search choice

The most amazing thing about social media that should excite every business owner is the fact that it is now the popular choice for individuals to find information.

Just go to any of this social media sites and you’d probably see a search engine.

This feature will enable you locate different businesses relating to certain keywords throughout the site.

The image below shows the search engine on

social media marketing

When you type in the keyword of what you seek, the result shows with other items or information related to the keyword.

The search feature interface looks totally different on different social platforms. Below is the outlook of instagram search engine feature.

social media marketing

The search engine platform is unique to each social media platform. Just like instagram, pinterest has its own search feature.

social media marketing

Although each unique, their ultimate use and delivery goal stays same.

This tremendous shift from Google and other search engines to social media search can be largely attributed to the localization feature it offers.

The results aren’t vague, it often shows local result for searches first using a real-time technology to determine the user’s location.

That is the most important results are not far from one geographical location.

Not to say that social media site does the search feature better than search engines, but it does analyze your search and its important results are based on your location.

With this feature, advertisers on social media can even plan their campaigns to target specific people in certain geographical areas.

Distinct Offerings

No two social media platform are the same. Their offerings and features are quite distinct.

Instagram has become very popular with younger generations, they get on this platform to share photos and short videos.

LinkedIn has drawn lots of professionals to its platform, including but not limited to people who might be trying to market work related endeavor.

Twitter helps to share messages in as few characters as possible, it also has a feature which serves as a quick way of making your tweets viral. The hashtag feature.

Pinterest studies local businesses through unique virtual storefront. What makes each social media site stand out is worth exploring.

Enables Interactivity

Ease of interactions is what has kept the social media universe robust. People are on these platforms to create connection, they want to talk to each other.

For businesses, when you access social media, you’ll do more than just advertising your products and services. You’ll have an opportunity to talk to others.

Create a strong fan base or following, ask your followers questions about your brand and respond to their queries.

As a business, your interactions and response to queries on social media makes your brand more attractive and appreciative.

Having a strong communication with your customers is always important. As a business manager, you have to understand what the potential customers wish for.

It is paramount that you reach out to them whenever they have questions, complaints and compliments.

With social media marketing, you have the rare opportunity of getting to know what works and what doesn’t with little to no cost overhead.

Never Ending Evolution

Social media is always growing and the ability to create new outlets has been incorporated for user.

For example, when you have identified those that appreciate your brand, you could easily create a chat forum or group on popular platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook for ease of communication between your business and the customers.

Predicting from the growing trend, in the future, there’ll be social media sites dedicated to about everything.

There might be social media sites for fashion designers, some might be solely dedicated to video gamers, and it goes on.

The social media space is always going to grow and constantly change with time.


A unique social media campaign will instantaneously increase your business growth.

To enable your social media marketing standout, you have to examine the necessities to put in place in order to have a wildly successful campaign.

Show Some Emotion

As a marketer on the social space, you have to show some emotions and personal benefits of your products and services that your potential customers can resonate with.

With social media, you can express your views and feelings to others while assuring them that you care.

Give details of why your offer is better than any other available offerings and how they can benefit from what you are marketing.

Express your human side when on social media and people will start to follow. They will give an audience to what you have to say and they will love you for it.

Expression of emotions like these show that you prioritize their satisfaction from the purchase of your products and services than your personal profit margin, you wouldn’t your business to be depicted as a selfish enterprise that only cares about stacking large cash chunk in the bank.

Ultimately, the business that cares about people will remain unwavering and popular and will eventually make massive profits.

Wider Reach & Improved Recognition

Your brand represents your business, its core values, its image, and offerings. It is important for people to notice the existence of your brand.

Higher sales and revenue will be synonymous to your brand when you project your business to be spotted easily.

Using the right social media platform will enable your brand’s visibility and uniqueness.

Your social media presence enables people the ease to really understand what it is that you offer.

Your posts reflects what you sell and it constantly gets registered on their subconscious.

For starters, don’t create your business’ social media profile with your personal names or monikers. What it does is project your business as unprofessional.

People really find it difficult doing business that involves financial transactions with personal individuals than corporate entities.

Ensure that your profile has your business name and your professionally designed logo. We offer an unrivalled logo design service, cheap is an understatement for the kind of quality we offer.

If you are finding it hard to come up with a business name that perfectly describes your business and at the same time sound really unique,

Text us here with your business description and we will suggest names that attracts potential customers, for free.

Increases Your Brand Loyalty

Loyalty is crucial to the success of any business, you must have a strong customer base that will stick with you.

With social media, it becomes easier to easily connect with people that share similar worldview.

People that follows you on social media are more likely to pay attention to what you have to say. To be specific, they will want to buy your products, or hire your services.

Your followers are more likely to know what you are doing, as your posts and updates goes to their feeds.

With this, you need little efforts to bring to their notice what’s new about your brand, products or service, as they already get updates of your posts on their feeds.

Convert More People

While social media makes it easy to keep in touch with existing customers, it stands as a challenging task to reach new patrons.

It takes some effort converting people you meet online to new customers. Telling people to see what you offer and why it is useful can be tough.

But as you posts things through social media sites, people will start to pick interest in your brand, your blog posts, videos and all your updates.

If your posts resonates with them, they stick around to get more of your brand. This makes it supers easy for them to patronize your products and services.

Brings More People to Your Website

Marketing online is quite vast, social media as a platform for marketing is just a piece of the jigsaw.

When you create an appealing and valuable campaign on your social media sites, people will click the link to get the best out of your offer.

A professionally designed website is the official face of your brand. It holds your products and your offerings.

People tend to trust businesses with a well-designed websites, as it shows your brands dedication and professionalism.

When you have a great following on social media, it leads to increased traffic to your official website as more of your audience would love to become an insider and keep tabs of all the latest from your brand.

Designing a website isn’t as difficult as most people would imagine, with content management systems, it has become easier for even a non-techy to design a website within 24 hours.

Hire a developer for cheap to design a professional site for your business or you could checkout our guide on how to design a professional website using a CMS.

Reduces Marketing Expenses

To me, this is the juiciest. Totally cuts down your marketing cost, if you are patient enough, most times you might need to spend zero on social media marketing.

If you want the impact a lot faster, the expenses for marketing on social media is quite low compared to the ROI (return on investment).

There’s more guarantee for conversion compared to traditional marketing. It also helps if you have a strong social media campaign.

People will retweet, repost, forward and share smart social media campaign that you create, it’s your best bet to spend no cash at all to market your services on social media.


There are various social media platforms to support your diverse marketing needs.

I will put you through many important indicators to enable decide which social media site is most effective for your marketing campaign.

Each social media site is unique in its offerings, organization and dedicated target users.

Knowing which works best to promote your services and products increases your chance of being visible to your potential customers.


  • Check your main goal for a social media marketing.

Intensively think and decide why you are choosing social media sites for your marketing.

Probably for better visibility, to show social friendliness, or to get people to your official brand website.

Choose a social media site based on your goals.

  • Consider the target Audience.

Every social media site has its own target audience. If you want to market a product or services to professionals, then LinkedIn is your best bet.

Instagram is useful for younger people and is prominent among today’s millennial.

Facebook’s user-base is extremely diverse. People of all kinds use Facebook – from the rich and poor to the young and old alike.

It is equally popular among men and women and among black, white, Hispanic, and Asian audiences and other racial demographics.

Twitter is the official home of the trends, so people that like trending facts are more likely to be on twitter.

There isn’t any particular age demographics to categorize twitter users. It is common among young and old, individuals and brands alike.

  • Checkout what your competitors are doing.

Your competitors are more than likely already exploiting the endless opportunities on social media to promote their businesses.

Do a constant check of what works for them. Their kind of campaign, the interactions of their audience with their posts and updates, the demographics of their followers.

Try to make your campaigns more unique and attractive than the competitors’.

Be sure not to copy what they are doing, as that will project your brand as lacking originality.

For instance, in trying to market my services as a social media marketer and SEM, copying Neil Patel’s blog posts because it has lots of readership automatically projects me as a fake.

The most ideal thing for me to do in scenarios like this, is create a strong and all inclusive content unique enough to have a tangible share of the audience.

  • Intensively Think About The Content You Want To Create

To give content meaning and enable it fulfil its creation goals, you need to first discover what standard are for each social media site.

  • Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr are your go to for marketing things with pictures. These social media platforms are perfect pictorial based marketing.
  • Youtube and snapchat are best for video contents.
  • Quora is the industry leader in questions and answers. You could use that to answer peoples’ questions relating to your business.
  • Twitter is the platform to share news and trending stories.

Knowing each of these platforms and their target audience, helps you better create a quality content that easily converts.

  • Work with platforms you are most comfortable with

Simply because you want to run a social media marketing campaign shouldn’t equal joining all the social media sites.

Work with platforms you are most comfortable with. Facebook is quite easy to use for people of all age demographics, but that isn’t true of snapchat and pinterest.

It is better to stick with what works best for you, to avoid being overwhelmed. Each site has a large user base.

You are sure to get enough customers and increase your ROI, only if you are consistent and innovative.

The importance of social media marketing for businesses cannot be overemphasized, traditional marketing is slowly fading out.

There has never been a better time and opportunity to reach a large pool of potential customers by simply following the tips in this guide.

Be sure to check out my other posts as I analyze how to effectively and efficiently use each of the most popular social media sites.

Thank you for reading. Kindly share to people who might want to start social media marketing for their businesses.

Social Media Marketing : Ultimate Guide for Business Growth
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