Lost to Saul

lost to saul

Torn like a rose dashed to the ground. Her once bright dreams completely shattered

The beauty she foresaw now just a fantasy from the depth of her subconscious.

Her choice to listen to the voices of others, fitting in with the trendy,

Voices that encouraged her down this lonely path,

A path clothed in golden robes but filled inside with rusted steel.

A world of chaos where ecstasy is a beautiful escape from an ugly reality.

Found solace in drugs and sex, loosing full value for body and soul.

Alone, lost, she wondered what have become of that bright and dreamy eyes.

lost to saul

Now just a mirror of self pity.

Wondering at how she had thought she could change the world,

make a difference, save lives and be a symbol of hope in a world of mayhem

Lisa had wanted to be a doctor.

Alas! She let herself be swayed from her dreams into this dark life.

Her body offered daily as a price on the alter of prostitution,

only for her daily bread.

Stuck in this prison with only hope that one day she’ll be set free
Maybe, just maybe,

she would find the path that leads to her dreams once more.

The odds have turned against her,

can Lisa ever win against Saul?

Lost To Saul (Rumis Series)
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