The journey of the lone wolf
The journey of the lone wolf

Hey lone wolf,
I can hear the horrid pain in your howl
A story of how you once went AWOL.
There’s hurt in your whimper
Telling tales of whispers
Tongues once told as you tread.

What a weak strong wolf you are!

With no pack behind you,
The Jaguars had strived to maim,
And after every fall,
You climbed again.
I recall a time; when the whole rejected ye
And fists rained on you heavily,
Bruising your flesh but with a goal of killing thy spirit
And then you fell into a deep slumber supported by machines.

What a weak strong wolf you are!

With no covering from your species,
A rogue you’ve become.
With no abet from the world,
From the ashes you stood; A new outcome.
Tales shall be told of a soul
Who fought alone, almost lost his life but ended up whole

What a strong wolf you’ve become!

©Atule precious

Journey of the lone wolf
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2 thoughts on “Journey of the lone wolf

  • 13/09/2019 at 6:33 AM

    This is beautiful and well penned


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