in the shadows

The pitter-pattering of the rain on the pane and the humming sound coming from the closed lips of his mother was like a lullaby to his ears.

His head was planted on her laps, and she in a calming and soothing way worked her hand through his dreadlocks.

He knew the song she hummed; it was the sad song that always played from the nearby church that they sometimes went to.

He hated that song but the way his mama hummed it made it all the better and almost made him like it.

For a boy of 10 Gbane was very smart, some called him an old man, and others, a reincarnation of his father, who he never knew.

They were very poor, so poor that they lived in a make-shift room on a varender demarcated with plywoods for privacy.

Gbane knew that it was God that fed them because his mama was a lazy woman who stayed in doors all day in intense lamentations.

On the rare days she sang for him, he must have brought home akara and pap for her.

She didn’t farm, or trade, she didnt even beg for alms, she was an insider and all she did was sing.

His mama was not mad, but she was not sane either, he took care of her like an eagle does to her eaglet.

In a way, ten year old Gbane was his mother’s parent. She soon changed the song and like a leaf carried by the soft sigh of the breeze, sleep came for him.

Gbane’s mama heard his little snores after a while, she helped his head lie properly on the stack of clothes that was his pillow.

She looked at him, kissed his forehead and wept silently and bitterly for she failed to take care of Gbane.

Her phone had been cluthched in her left hand all the while, she stood up quietly and walked outside.

The phone rang. It was the man. She hesitated for a while before going ahead to pick the call.

“Hello, where should we meet?” The person over the phone gave her an address, and she no sooner than the line went dead, picked her baco bag and left.


She couldn’t help but feel sadness surge through her veins as she walked in the darkness, her only companion, her shadow that the moon cast.

She tried to clear her guilt as she had begged the man, to come along with her son, but he had said bringing the boy will endanger his life on sea.

She couldn’t do that to him.
She was leaving Nigeria.
She was going to Italy. The only joy she felt was that she finally had the chance to better Gbane’s life.


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In The Shadows (Episode 1)
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